Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's a Love Thing

I hosted a Valentine's Tea Party for my visiting teachees--that's mormon speak for friends.  My sister helped. She made awesome cranberry orange scones and fancy trifle cups. We had a selection of herbal teas and hot chocolate with sugar and cream. Completing the appetizers were eclairs and cucumber sandwiches. We had a lovely afternoon of visiting and munching with some classical harp in the background. After the ladies left, I put out a second helping of all the goodies and re-did the tea party for when the kids got home from school. 

I got the valentine mugs, placemats, doilies, and rose petals at the dollar store. The hanging pom-poms were $1 each at walmart and required quick simple assembly. 
You may notice the dining room table. It is the most rewarding furniture purchase I have ever made (Costco) because I had been waiting so long to replace our old sad one (botched pinterest project.) I ordered a custom glass table top to preserve its beautiful finish. 

Our local beauty college was having a special this month of 2 for 1 pedicures. That's what I gave the girls, the boy got chocolate, and husband and I got 2 tickets to the upcoming Nathan Pacheco concert. 

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