Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Need a Vacation after this Vacation

BD had a week-long drug and alcohol conference at the U so we hitched along and called it a vacation. What could be better than paid-for hotel, food, and gas?....well, having BD with us during the days would have been nice. It was a bit like being a single-mom toting 4 little ones around everyday and without the home-court advantage. I'm sure at the Y we would have blended right in but at the U walking around with one baby strapped to me and 3 little girls following close behind, we were quite the circus sideshow. One lady told me I was verrry brave. another told me I had quite the entourage and then there were the looks and the pointing and counting. C'mon you know we loved the attention!

I did my best to introduce the girls to a whole new bigger world: "Look girls that huge building is a library. It is full of books. And that 5- story thing is a hospital... Remember how Cannon was the only baby in our hospital when he was born? Well there are probably about 50 babies in that one." The girls were excited to ride the campus shuttle. It was really bouncy and fun for about 2 min. until we all started feeling a little hot and sick.

DAY 1: Museum of Natural History. Rocks, animals, dinosaur bones, Indian artifacts and all things Utah. This was a cool museum.

Lounging on campus. We sneaked a peak at Kingsbury Hall to watch a dress rehearsal for some dance production of Aladdin. Brynn is so honest in her observations and comments she whispered to me: I don't think these are the BYU dancers because they're kinda immodest.DAY 2: Hogle Zoo. Why do we always pick the day that 200 zillion different field trip groups are there. They all left around 2 pm which is also the time we got some welcome cloud cover. I was finally glad to learn the difference between alligators and crocodiles this time. Now what was it again?DAY 3: Red Butte Gardens: Imagine this was our backyard! Fountains, ponds, fragrant and beautiful flowers everywhere, hidden trails, and a view of the whole valley. Awesome! What a great children's play area too!

DAY 4: A trip to the city is not complete without some shopping. Left the girls behind at Nana's house. Cooked dinner for the parents and family (you can only eat out so much)

DAY 5: Campus Tour, bumpy shuttle ride, head home. Goodbye Utes.

In case you didn't know, Kate is passionate about soccer.

In between all those adventures we watched plenty of Disney channel in the hotel, enjoyed our free breakfast buffet, had some jumping on the elevator, yelling, squished sandwiches, mosquito bites, diaper explosions, restaurant tantrums, etc. It was great. Could I just sleep for a couple of days before getting back into the routine?


Megz said...

Looks like you crammed all of your summer fun into one week. Way to be wild.
Don't you feel so bad for that white alligator? Just sitting there all comatose....
We have never done Red Butte even though Erin could do commercials for them. Next time we're in the City we'll have to hit that one.

cold cocoa said...

That's right- Red Butte is the hidden treasure of SLC! I'm glad you guys had some fun. It's always the better to go and be fun even though home is so much more safe! Way to make memories.

T said...

Sounds like a fun but exhausting trip... hope you can get a bit of a break before the next big adventure (family reunion is coming up soon!)

Good for you to cram such memorable experiences into a short time - I think I would have probably enjoyed too much Disney Channel (as long as I had a good book!)

Sher said...

That was brave of you to go on that trip and to all of those placed with your fun children. They are lucky to have a brave, fun Mom!