Thursday, June 26, 2008

So, if last week was field-trip week, this week was hit-the-books week. We've been doing History/Art Lessons every morning covering Ancient Greece. We've made Medusa masks and sculptures out of clay, listened to Greek myths on CD. Yesterday we learned what it meant to be Spartan. (7 yr. olds being sent off to battle school?? no wonder that culture didn't last) We did some excercises and stretching, running around the house (what's new about that?) and some gymnastics in the living room. Today was review day where the girls roll the dice and earn hard cash for answering questions. I think it was rigged because somehow nobody ever rolled a 1 or 3 meaning no math or science???

With their earnings I thought it would be a good time to introduce Tithing. It didn't go over very well with Kate. Giving 8 cents of her 80 was too much to ask. She suddenly reverted back to a 2-year old's vocabulary, "NO, MINE" (sound familiar?) and then went stomping out of the room with ALL her money. Did I wait too long? Was not my testimony of the blessings of tithing sincere enough? Do 7 yr -olds have any agency? Where do we sign up for battle camp?

If she was in charge of the world she would have her own huge TV in her own room, her own pink phone so she could call her friends at midnight. We would go to Disneyland this summer and have no school. She may seem quiet and meek but she is opinionated. Also she would play Webkinz all morning on her own laptop.

NOTE: If your kids don't know what Webkinz are try to keep it that way. Once they learn you will never get to use your computer again. Basically they are stuffed animals with online passwords that they type in and create their own world. They can play games to earn webkinz cash to buy all kinds of stuff for their pet: toys, food, beds, clothes, etc. Everyday she has to "feed it and put it to bed" sometimes it needs dr. checkups even! Anyway, besides being SUPER FUN for 2nd graders it might teach them money management and responsibility. They don't have to pay tithing in Webkinz.

I think the man of the house needs to take over this one. Any ideas? Persistence? breathing down my neck right now waiting for her turn to play Webkinz...


Megz said...

I love to hear about the real Kate! And the tithing thing was sooo true at our house. We invested in those plastic banks that have a slot each for Fun, Mission and Tithing. And the kids were very good about putting the money in the right spot. Until we actually took the tithing money OUT to put in the envelope and Isaac realized that he was no longer the steward and that money was really going bye bye. He had a mini tantrum and it was a good lesson that we need to regularly make them pay so it's more habitual. Wow. I never thought we would have a similar Kate/Isaac story!
And thanks for the tip on Webkinz. I'll put that on our blocked sites!

We're Wingin It said...

Oh man, this is so cute! My kids are obsessed with Webkinz too, but I am mean and don't let thme use my computer much.

And on the tithing thing--I have no advice. Miles is adamant about not wanting to go on a mission or have the priesthood. Those three year olds!

cold cocoa said...

I hadn't heard of webkinz either! Anika does Build-A-BearVille but I just laugh because they just walk around and add friends but that's as far as it goes.

Summer learning is hard for kids. Their minds are set on sun, fun, and friends!

T said...

I debated Webkinz back at Christmastime - but at that point Po still had hope that I would find new batteries for his Tamagotchi , and one take care of it virtual pet was sufficient! I'll keep my mouth shut on this one for as long as possible though, I'm already sharing the computer with M's being obsessed with (those are some wacky characters, glad we don't have cable!)
As for tithing... hmmm... my boys all were okay with it, we did those electronic banks where it divided the 10% for tithing and whatever you picked for spending and savings... maybe because it was an electronic gadget... H has been less thrilled with the idea - but I'm thinking it's connected to the small $ amounts... maybe when she's up to a few more bucks the remaining won't look so sad?

Sher said...

I'm definately keeping my mouth shut about Webkinz though I'll feel slightly guilty because it sounds like something even my 7th grader would think was fun. I'm always impressed with all of your fun plans -- I'll have to try teaching my kids something one day:) As for tithing -- I've had some whine about it and I think I went with my Dad's technique of lecturing about how many blessings we have and giving them a guilt trip. Probably not the best plan but they pay it now and don't whine so somewhere along the line they learned not to groan about it.