Friday, June 6, 2008

Week in Review

  1. 1. We kicked off the week of fun with a neighborhood "Barbie party." Luckily I had a day's warning for this unlike last week's "everyone bring your outside toys and play in our driveway" party. I was too busy doing crowd control to take pictures so you'll just have to imagine our whole living room covered with Barbies and little girls and make-shift Barbie houses. Boxes for rooms, rags folded up into beds, cupboard door for a slide and a blue pom-pom made for a nice sparkly pool. After playing they did some coloring and we had "Barbie cookies" which were regular cookies with some food coloring that made them pinkish and topped with a star marshmallow. They taste super delicious when you pull them hot out of the oven and call them Barbie cookies.

2. Cannon and I arrived at the Dr. office for a checkup and were told the Dr. had just left to deliver a baby and to come back in 20 min....Ha 20 min! We went grocery shopping, came home and unpacked them, and returned to the clinic just in time to be seen by the dr.

We found out that Cannon barely made it onto the charts: He is a whopping 16 1/2 lbs. and in the 97th. percentile for weight. He cried for 2 seconds during each of his 2 shots in the leg and fell right back asleep. Gotta love those chunky thighs. We did the shopping and appt. plus bloodwork at the hospital and prescriptions filled at the pharmacy. Where else could you get all that done in under 2 hours!

3. Dr. called to let me know I have borderline low thyroid. That helps explain my irritability and why I woke up boiling hot when BD was freezing cold. I'll start taking something to regulate it and hope that it turns me from a lion to a lamb. Apologies to anyone I have roared at in the last while.

4. Attended a local information session for our online school. We got to be the family to share our experiences over the last year. Good news for me-- one of my neighbor friends who also has a 2nd grader wants to enroll. Now we can trade off lessons/kids and have some fun doing school together!yeah! support group! After, we went out for free lunch in the park. Yes--in case you haven't heard me brag about this before--the school district provides free school lunch to ages 0-18 every weekday during the summer at 4 different local parks.--something about living in a rural area...?

5. Went as a family to a Bluegrass concert in the park last night. The girls lasted about 30 min. before they couldn't resist the call of the nearby swings and slide.
This is not a photo of the actual concert but I thought it summed it up pretty well. That's going to be me in a few years.

6. Lastly, and no pictures for this, Adrie has pink-eye. This means we will not be going to free lunch today, no playdates, and no date for me and Dad. We'll just have to rent a DVD after the girls go to bed. Keeping Adrie from touching Cannon has been a challenge to say the least. That stuff is awfully contagious and icky. Here's to a good weekend with no plans!


Megz said...

Holy chubby baby! Are you sure the shots worked? Maybe the vaccination got lost somewhere in the thighs!

That stinks about your thyroid. Glad you figured it out and hope the regulation works. I can't really imagine you like a lion though...

Make sure to plan a really good date next weekend when everyone is happy and healthy. Oh, the campout. So make it for Saturday night!

cold cocoa said...

Laura, I can't imagine you roaring, even with a medical condition that can induce such things. Sounds like an eventful week! Get over that pink-eye fast Adrie! And let us know what dvd you rent!

T said...

sounds like a fun week... roaring aside :) Sorry about the pink-eye putting a crimp in the plans.

We used to take our summer camp kids to the free lunch program in Colorado - I only went once though because the director wouldn't let me pay for myself - she wouldn't believe me that I was over eighteen (I was 24) and had the audacity to ask two of my co-workers if I was lying (one was younger than me...)

We're Wingin It said...

Wow, your little babe is about the same weight as my 16 month old! That is so funny. He is a cutie, I love chunky thighs.

And that Barbie party was missing a few things--did they plant wheat and oranges? Did Miko get to attend with her root chaise? We had so much fun with our Barbies. Those cookies sound delish. What a fun idea! I am impressed with how creative you are--but not surprised.

Sher said...

I'm just impressed that you went shopping instead of sticking around at the Dr.'s office to wait and that someone didn't protest and make you wait longer when you got back. So do you have hypo or hyper thyroidism? I have hypo and don't know which one it is. I've known before but the info refuses to stay in my brain. I do hope the medicine helps. Sorry about the pink eye. I hope none of the rest of you get it! I like the Barbie party. I played lots of barbies when I was young. I had a Barbie Winebego (I didn't have to spell it to have it.) It was a "motorized" (by pushing) camper and we went on trips around our yard. I didn't sew clothes for my Barbie like my sister though.