Thursday, June 12, 2008

While You Were Gone...

So, with Brandon being away on the guys campout we put our heads together and tried to come up with some really girly ways to celebrate our time together. This was our best idea... A day at the local spa AKA "beauty college" for a change from the summer ponytails.

If you zoom in 100x you will see tiny flowers on their nails. The nail techs did this as a bonus to keep the girls occupied while my hair was curled and curled and curled.... How did Cannon pass the time during all those curls? Like any man would.
All this for 16 bucks and the day half over...2 more days to go!
Talk about getting all dressed up with nowhere to go.

We ended up at Winger's--where we only take kids along on very special occasions. Leave it to a 3-yr old to remind me why. If fancy hair and dressing up couldn't keep Adrie from climbing on the table and throwing popcorn what would? We were still cute enough to get a free asphalt pie--or maybe it was because I had a coupon for it--either way that is a lot of ice creamy gluttonous goo.

Notwithstanding all the highs of the day we did have some lows. Everyone (not me, not yet) had their share of tears from injuries, feelings hurt, etc. All just part of being a girl.

We ended the day none too soon with a bedtime story, " Princess and the Pea." Our princesses are having their own little campout in my room. After I finish writing this I will watch my movie "In the time of the Butterflies" with Salma Hayek. If we get any sleep we'll be able to come up with more girly activities for tomorrow...that's it! SLEEP! PJ Party all day! Pancakes!


Megz said...

What cute hair! You are verrrry brave to spend so much time at a beauty school and a real live eating establishment. All in one day! I just got tired thinking about it.
We haven't had so much wild fun here, but I sure could have used a dad at the baseball game tonight. Keep up the fun times!

cold cocoa said...

Way to make your own memories! The hairs are beautiful!
R's family is down so he didn't get to go rough it with the men. He was gone all last week w/work so I'm a little happy he's here. Anyway, let us know how fun you are today!

T said...

Gotta love a little pampering... way to go, what beautiful girls (all of them) and one happy boy!

We're Wingin It said...

Girls are so fun! You all look so cute with your curls. My girls would LOVE that. And Canon looks content too. Perfect!

Sher said...

What a nice, creative, fun Mom you are! I had a "sleep over" with Dan because he still had a fever. He did better than he has in a while though so it wasn't a bad night -- just short. Today was as busy as ever with swimming lessons, band camp, Trisa working, Connor's b-day and Connor's ball game. All went well and we are trying for an early night. I'm hoping to avoid sleep overs tonight but Dan seems to think he's supposed to sleep on the chair with a parent beside him on the couch now. Sigh. I'm crossing my fingers for some quiet time and hope you get some too. I'm impressed that Cannon slept through all that hair and nails stuff!