Sunday, January 18, 2009

All about a Birthday

Yesterday we went as a family to the BYU Young Ambassadors performance. Yes, they came to enrich our little valley. It was an afternoon full of entertainment with music, dancing, and drama of high caliber. The only thing that would have made it better would be leaving Cannon at home with a babysitter.
There is something about going to a show that makes you want to eat a treat's like Pavlov's dogs. We walked past the candy machines on our way out. Adrie got there first and asked if we had any money. I said I didn't have any. Dad said he didn't have any. And that was that. After our little walk to the car we all got in and noticed that Brynn had curled up and was crying in the back seat. She was looking for compassion and empathy. I didn't have any. Dad didn't have any. And that was that. When we got home Brynn was still sad. Dad took her aside and asked her what was wrong. She really got our empathy when she sobbed,

"You don't have any money to buy me a birthday present."

Dad quickly assured her that we had money to buy her a birthday present (just not for vending machines) and gave her a big long hug.

Brynn's birthday is the 28th of this month and she has been thinking about it a LOT apparently.
At the beginning of the month she said,
" Mom start saving your money so you can buy me a present when it's my birthday."

Brynn had a much better end to the day. Before I left to go grocery shopping she had some requests for her boola boola gifts (If you are not in the C. family I'll explain they are the little gifts that we hide and sing boola boola until you find them.) She handed me a scrap of paper that read:

I wont orngstics frootsnacs gumeepeechis

When I brought home the bags of groceries and said, "no peeking" she was bursting with excitement.

Today, she made this paper chain to count down the 10 more days until her birthday.

Just for the record I ordered her present last week and it should be here in plenty of time for a wonderful birthday #6 for Brynn and boola boola's to boot!


cold cocoa said...

I know, I understand! I love buying things out of candy machines. Anika's dance class is in the RB so every now and then I raid my coin bank beforehand to get a big cookie. They have these new chocolate chip cookies with fudge bottoms...and don't forget the 50 cent ice cream sandwiches! Sad thing is now I have to share most of it )-: because of the little ones with me. Just ain't the same.

Way to live up the birthday with anticipation Brynn! I'm really curious about the present!

T said...

we'll be counting down along with her! and no, not just because mine is a few days later ;)

I'm glad that she was set straight on the "no money" issue - hopefully she won't be scarred for life or anything :)

Vending Machine treats... hmmm... usually pretty disappointing... or maybe that's just that the last time I indulged was at Weston's intermediate school where they've completely switched over to healthy vending machines and I was forced to eat a high fiber pseudo rice krispie... bleh.

Megz said...

Sounds like her Birthday wishes are very budget friendly! I could handle skipping the toy section and going straight to the treats.
Ethan think his Birthday is anyday now since he knew it was after mine sometime. Too bad he still has lots of days before April. Too many to make a paper chain with I think.
Vending machines. Satan put them on earth to tempt children. How else could a teeny bag of chips cost 75 cents?

Sheree said...

Miles and Brynn share a birthday! How fun. My kids love buying stuff too--today we splurged and went to the dollar store where Miles exclaimed, "this is the best day ever!" I love it when they are easy to please. I think I'd like peach rings for my birthday too, those are my favorites!

stephanie said...
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stephanie said...

I love the birthday requests. I always asked for butterscotch candy, cheetos and yogurt. If I got those I was pretty happy