Monday, January 5, 2009

I guess I'm a bit of a glass-half-empty kind of person because when the girls insisted we go ice skating I imagined a lot of falling down, tears, and being cold and miserable. Boy was I wrong!
It turned out to be one of our favorite escapades at this year's winter family reunion in SLC. Dad graciously agreed to watch from the sidelines with baby and Adrie (maybe he was thinking the glass-half-empty thoughts I was.) Kate and Brynn and I laced up our skates along with their wonderful cousin Sami(BYU girl) who secretly knew how much fun we would have. After a few pointers from her older cousin Brynn was off and skating--really. We were like, "hey, wait for us Brynn." Kate also decided after awhile to ditch holding my hand and go off on her own. She did great. The girls and I had so much fun it was hard to get us off the ice! Brynn asked if she could just go around 10 more times and I jokingly said, "If you go REALLY fast." She was off as quick as could be. With each lap she would shout out , "I'm on 8....I'm on 9, etc."
MOVE OVER GYMNASTICS AND SWIMMING--Ice Skating is Brynn's new favorite sport. Kate put it right up there tied in 1st place with soccer.

Our winter reunion ended up being super fun. Here are some of the other highlights:

  • Music & The Spoken Word at the Conference Center--breathtakingly beautiful.
  • staying up late and playing games
  • living the suite life at the hotel with a pool and breakfast. Our hotel was behind the place I am most likely to spend $--Costco. I didn't even plan that!
  • shopping with the ladies
  • BodyWorlds Exhibit--this is seriously AWESOME! I could go back again. Picture a real healthy lung next to a smokers lung next to a cancerous lung. Fascinating.
  • going out to dinner at Spaghetti Factory, Buca di Beppo's.
  • Family pot-luck/skit night/talent night/volleyball night and baby blessing of my great-nephew at the church. We did not do the splits this time for our talent--we performed one of my Grandma/Mom's songs.
  • Ladies Tea Party at The Bakery
  • $2 chocolate truffles by Blue Mountain Chocolates-- food for the gods.
  • winter olympics in the front yard: luge (sledding) and snowball throwing contest.
  • Boggle tournament. My brother Allen still holds the year I won't go so easy on him.

Other family members went skiing, tubing, First Night downtown, movies, Jazz game. I can't think of any lows really except that my Dad fell on the ice and had to get 5 staples on his head. Sorry Dad!

It was great to see family we only see once a year. We had so much fun I really wasn't ready to come home yet but we had to beat the storm...and oh yeah...we really should get back into school. Welcome 2009!


T said...

sounds like you had a lot of fun! Any chance there's a local ice-skating rink in your hometown - you might have some olympians in the making :)

Boggle? You're a boggle player... hmmm... we may have to play that sometime!

cold cocoa said...

Sounds like too much fun! I was just thinking how winter break could be amped up with seasonal sports and fun. Sounds like your family did it right! Next year we're going skiing. Now to save our money for our fancy suite...

stephanie said...

good to know your girls enjoyed ice skating. addie has been begging me to go and I have been hesitant.

Megz said...

I thought about ice skating this winter. For about two minutes anyway and then I knew my glass-half-empty mentality was the right one. Or maybe if there was a place that offered a refund once the kids had a tantrum of frustration? Glad it worked for you though!
Fun winter reunion. Welcome home!

Sher said...

Way to make it sound like the most perfect reunion ever. Surely one of your kids cried sometime during the reunion -- or does chocolate stop crying too? I'm glad you all had fun.