Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Brynnsday

We all gave birthday tributes to Brynn around the dinner table. Dad said she is almost always in a good mood and she is such a happy girl. Adrie said Brynn plays Barbies with her and is lots of fun and is so pretty. I love Brynn's laugh. It is like a bubbling brook. She is always quick to obey. I usually only have to tell her once to do something--LOVE THAT! Kate was too cool to think of something nice and gushy to tell her sister. She finally came up with, "nice hair."

Big day #6 started out with breakfast in bed. Waffle crisp. Kate is up the earliest (unless you count Cannon at 3 a.m.) so she was on the job.Brynn wanted an ice cream cake. This one obviously took a mere 30 seconds to assemble. That's my kind of cake!
Brynn's big anticipated gift was the Light up and draw projector on the left. This has already provided tons of fun. The girls declared it "awesome" --and for the bargain price of $19.95 on I highly recommend it. She also got a guitar stand (the guitar itself is from the last birthday). Julie the American doll also had a birthday--She got a stylish beanie and purse.


T said...

I LoVe that cake! Happy Birthday Brynn!!

stephanie said...

That cake looks yummy! Birthday breaksfast in bed is such a fun idea.
Addie can't wait until her big 6 in april. SHe thinks that is when she will be completely independent.

cold cocoa said...

She is so pretty! Did she like breakfast in bed? Could she eat comfortably? I don't know if I've ever had breakfast in bed, though the idea is somewhat intriguing.

I love the Julie dolls new accessories. How is her hair holding up?

Megz said...

Happy B-day Brynn! If I got a turn around the table to say what I like about Brynn it would be her sly sneaking of candy at Grandma's. A girl after mine own heart!

LC said...

Brynn??? stealing candy at Grandma's???

stephanie said...

Just thought I would mention that I love the book "the watson's go to birmingham"

Lady Di said...

How did you manage to keep that bouncing, bubbly girl in her bed long enough to eat her breakfast?

And that was a great cake. I might steal that idea for Bryon's birthday.