Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beginning Scriptures for Non-Scriptorians

I don't know how family scripture study goes at your house but at our house, when Dad's in charge it goes something like this: All the kids gather around Dad to look at the illustrated version. There is really no reading as far as I know. Instead he asks each girl a question. Today Dad used the pictures in the back of the Book of Mormon. Here is what I overheard.

Kate's question, "Is this a picture of Jesus swimming or Alma baptizing people?"

Brynn's question, "Was Nephi's mean older brother named Larry, Frank, or Laman?"

Adrie's question, "Is this a picture of Lehi holding the Liahona or Lehi holding a cupcake with a candle in it because it was his birthday?"

Luckily, all the girls answered their questions right. I've talked to Dad about maybe reading the scriptures and then asking questions but apparently that's old school. For him the multiple choice question method seems to be working like a charm especially, when it produces giggles.


T said...

it's one of those "take what you get" things sometimes! We've recently been reading scriptures during supper - with the book on a cookbook stand so it doesn't get covered in food - it has gotten mixed reviews - but hopefully we'll be able to stick with it and make it work for us!

Megz said...

I am slightly suspicious that BD may be amusing himself more during this special family time than his daughters.
Sometimes they need a little spicing up. Even the illustrated versions can't really do much for 2nd Ne.

cold cocoa said...

Sounds like a lot of fun at your house come scripture time. Recently Olivia has joined Russell and Anika in reading from the illustrated BoM...she just uses "nephite" a lot and and reveals a whole other doctrine previously unrevealed.

Sher said...

Good job to you all for doing something. We've been trying the reading during dinner thing too -- if we're all here during dinner and Derek remembers since the rest of us are usually famished and not good at remembering.

Laura said...

Scripture time for us signals the boys to start their nightly wrestling match. It's a strange ritual, but feats of strength are very important around our house. :)
Laura W.