Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Introducing the must-have American Girl Doll...

In this morning's newspaper there was an article about a Doll exhibit at Gardner Village. We were looking at some of the pictures and Kate was thinking how fun it would be to make dolls and design their clothes.
"What if you worked at the American Girl factory and had to design a new doll?" I asked her.

She thought that all of the historical eras had been covered but then she came up with a new one.


Experience prehistory with the newest American Girl doll. She comes with a cheetah skin wrap and a club for "knocking down coconuts."

Additional accessories include Rexy the dinosaur pet, grasshopper, snake, and a treehouse. You can even get the companion doll CAVEMAN. With his saw and lantern, he is ready for any adventure. (Cheetah-skin loincloth optional)


stephanie said...

I want cavegirl! Instead of the pink convertible she can sport a fancy T -REX.

T said...

SOOOO creative... though I think the loincloth should come glued in place... of course, I'm strongly of the mind that ALL doll clothes should be non-removable - I tire quickly of picking them up and trying to keep the floor clear of naked toys.

cold cocoa said...

Ha! That's funny Stephanie.

Russell gets mad at me for thinking cave men were a part of our real heritage.

I think those are the cutest cave people! Nice pic Kate!

Laura said...

Great Idea! and for Mormon girls she could introduce a Lamanite or Nephite American girl. How could you go wrong with that?

Megz said...

I do like the idea of some good BoM character dolls! How could you go wrong with all the fun outfits and bad guys and weaponry? Surely someone has thought of that??
Nice work though Kate. She's got a future in design.