Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ready for my Yearly Estrogen Bath

That's what Brandon likes to call my yearly Mom and Sister's Week. This year we are going to sunny St. George for a long weekend. Am I excited? Let me count the ways:

  • shopping

  • wearing summer clothes

  • reading without interruption

  • sleeping without interruption

  • only having to feed myself and put myself to bed?!!

  • no meals to cook

  • no messes to clean ( I don't make any!)

  • laughing and visiting with sisters and even getting on each other's nerves!

I'm looking forward to all of it but I'll probably cry when I have to leave my little ones. What if Cannon doesn't recognize me when I get home?

Brandon thinks he is going to have way more fun on his trip with the kids to Grandma's. ( a lot less estrogen to deal with for sure) Make sure he has fun...but not too much fun.

We celebrated Cannon's birthday #1 this week. Unlike the girls, he didn't get breakfast in bed...he has been weaned for a few days now and is gradually discovering other comfort foods.

Cannon's gift was a stuffed Tigger toy but he was WAY more interested in the camera I was using to try and photograph him. Why do babies like non-toys so much? Happy Birthday Butters!


Megz said...

When did Cannon get hair? It makes him look so old! Happy B-day big boy.
Have fun on your weekend away. Get 8 hours of sleep for me.

Sheree said...

That sounds heavenly! I love that picture of your kids, they all look like little variations of you to me, but I am assuming that they look a lot like Brandon too. What cute kids!

cold cocoa said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Sounds like a Brandon term. Isn't it nice to know your kids will be safe and well-entertained so they won't have (too much) time to miss you?
I'm happy to get your kids up here to play.
Get pampered and shopped for me!

stephanie said...

Lucky girl! I hope you have a blast!

Happy birthday Cannon!!

Laura said...

Oooohhh....can I come too? I grew up with 4 sisters (no bro's) and I just know I would fit in. Plus I'm a Washington County native so there's a bonus--I know all the great shopping places!

'Estrogen bath'...yeah, I remember those days.

Sher said...

We enjoyed getting to see B.D. and the kids. I have to say that Cannon gave Brandon quite a workout at church. It was fun to see them all but we missed you. I hope you had fun too.