Monday, March 2, 2009

Kate the Great

Kate the Great turned Eight and you know what that means....having a lot more chores... and getting baptized! What a special day for the family. Kate was able to be baptized with her cousin Esther. All the family convened in Richfield to celebrate the occasion with us.

Dad started a new tradition with the girls of taking them to pick out a baptism dress. ( I am too controlling when it comes to shopping so this is a good opportunity for the girls to excercise what they call free-will or "agency.") Kate didn't think she would be getting a dress for the event so when Dad announced it to her the day before her face just lit up. (Good job Dad!) They had a fun date together and Kate chose this cute little spring green--it's the new white !

Even though Kate's birthday was on her baptism, we decided to celebrate the day before. It started with breakfast in that our new tradition?...followed by present opening. Kate learned from having her other sisters' birthdays earlier in the year that you can gain maximum fun if you open presents in the MORNING. That way you have all day to play with them. It made sense.
She got what she really wanted-- a singing machine and a Hannah Montana (technically it's a Sharpay) wig. She has been rockin' to Disney Hits Mania ever since.

She also had a party. Twelve girls came to the church cultural hall where we played crab soccer, freeze tag, red rover, hide-n-seek, had a balloon stomp and a pinata--which was busted WAY to quickly. Next time we'll use a blindfold.
Happy birthday to our sweet, helpful, active Kate.


T said...

I felt bad missing out on the joyous event - but I got a full report from the kids - and 3 of them mentioned Kate's awesome green dress!

Emily Bogh said...

Congrats Kate Sorry we missed it, we were at the baptism of a cousin at the same time. I love to green dress as well good job Brandon.

Megz said...

That is one stylin' dress. I want to hear Kate singing some HSM.
Glad everything went well--I keep on thinking we'll send the special baptism message via email soon. Soon being relative.
Happy B-day Kate!

Laura said...

Lots of Spring Birthday's! Same with us...Raina, Brandt and Talon are all within two weeks of each other so we have a lot of partyin' going on here in Monroe.