Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apples in Art

Our online teacher is always keeping us apprised of little reasons to celebrate. Yesterday it was Johnny Appleseed day--remember the guy who generously planted apple trees and gave seeds all over early America?
So, yesterday we...

drank apple juice

ate applesauce

planted some apple seeds in the corner of the yard. Someday our grandchildren will be able to come over in cute little smocks and harvest them.

served apple pie for dessert

played Apples to Apples
See, you probably celebrated without even knowing it. And what a great name for a baby girl...if you're a moviestar.
Which is your favorite painting?


cold cocoa said...

I like the one with the kids under the apple tree. that is just good ol'fashioned home-bread style fun. Sometimes I wish we could wear smocks and aprons and bib overalls and carry lunches in pails.

Sher said...

Wow, I've missed tons. Happy late birthday to Adria and Kate. I loved the sea horse costume and the idea of having to send someone to their room for singing to much at dinner! The apple pictures are a little miniature but I like the three red apples in a line.

Megz said...

I liked the same one as CC, but that golden delicious apple is very dramatic and if I had a dramatic house I would hang it in my kitchen.