Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas-gram? Sounds yummy. I want one.

It seems like we've been having a lot of fun lately (wouldn't Cannon agree :) Probably you are too. It's Christmas!!
We had a family party where we were able to visit with extended family and sit on Santa's lap.

We had our ward Christmas party at the church. I didn't take pictures but you can imagine Kate and Brynn dressed up as angels and dancing on the stage for baby Jesus, Adrie crawling across the stage on all fours wagging the lamb ears on her head, Brandon singing "O Come All Ye Faithful" in a male a-Capella quartet, me playing some Christmas tunes with my string quartet.
Not all that was going on simultaneously of course. Imagine Cannon, again not having fun with all the hullabaloo.
This weekend we went to the Light Parade on Main Street and had hot chocolate and donuts with Santa after. *Note to self: never drink hot chocolate before bed even if it is super-diluted. I was up all night with a cocoa buzz.

Tonight is our local production of the Messiah and I get to play in the orchestra.
I imagine I'll come crashing down off my cocoa high about that time.
Brandon and I saw Narnia 3 and later this week we'll go the the Forgotten Carols concert.

The girls have watched Elf, Christmas Carol, made gingerbread houses and written their letters to Santa...
  • Adria wants a new bed (our kindergartner is still in a toddler bed?) with an Eeyore fuzzy blanket. (Do you think Eeyore is a good role model?)
  • Brynn would like her very own bike that was never ridden by a big sister. It would be a mountain bike that's hot pink. Also it would have tires that never go flat.
  • Kate would like a cell phone and lots of cash.
Yeah-- how did we go an American Girl doll last year to that?!
And, what does Santa do for the kid who wants to grow up too fast?


stephanie said...

I hear ya! Addie wants an ipod touch, cell phone...... SHe is 7!!!
It was great seeing you at the party.

My kids love Elf. I think they have the whole show memorized.

Megz said...

Sounds like you're busy, busy.
Totally don't understand the cocoa buzz. I can drink a mug every night and it puts me right to sleep.
Good luck on that Santa wish list!

T said...

Eeyore is an awesome role model... he keeps going despite all the hurdles... of course, he might benefit from a little medication to perk up his mood... but he keeps going :)

Do you think A.A. Milne would have put him on mood altering drugs if he were still around?

Sher said...

Eeyore apparently needs cocoa. Actually, my Mom is like you -- I'm more like Megz. You sound super busy, I hope you keep thinking it's all fun. I don't know what to do about kids that want to grow up so fast. I keep threatening to sit on my kids heads (while they are standing) so they won't grow but I suspect that would just cause a trip to the emergency room.

cold cocoa said...

Fun stuff going on over there! I know what you mean about kids growing up too fast. I told the kids that instead of a chore they could play babies together. That was met with some protests. How sad is that?? Too bad, because they ARE going to play babies with each other!
And I can't believe Adria isn't choosing the floor over that confining toddler bed. I hope she gets a bed!

Laura said...

I think having all that fun borders on illegal. I think we must have grinch genetics mixed into our bloodline.