Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top Ten

Cannon's in that stage where he's figuring out the language. He's got nouns and verbs down and now he's experimenting with adjectives and adverbs: I ate a snack TONIGHT. I put a TINY poo in there (the potty--THANKfully.)
He is in the process of potty training, ahem, himself. At least he started and now I'm supposed to follow through. We bought some Diego unders for him. He doesn't like them at all --too snug? He prefers diapers, fresh ones that have only been worn for a few minutes.

Anyway, his potty training is at about a 60 percent success rate right now and poo and pee and some other things are some of his favorite conversation pieces. Here are some of our favorite quotes from Bud:

10. "Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle run awaaay."
9. "I like pumas and horsies."

8. Everything he sees me do, from buttering toast to peeling an apple is, "AMAZING!" "Good job Mom!"
7. "I SO handsome!"

6. "Daniel was a lion in the Latter Days...follow the prophet, follow the prophet..." (sung of course.)

5. "Mom! I wanna flush your pee!!"
4. "I'm hungry. I need ice cream."
3. "Mom, I'm tiny. You're so BIG!"
2. "I wanna go to worky wif you Dad. " and "I want fifty dollars."
1. "I saw a poop-horse wif Dad!" That's right. We don't know what this means either. Apparently he had a very specific memory of seeing a horse poop? wif Dad? He likes to tell this to anyone who comes over. He also likes to shout it into the intercom so everyone can hear it again again. I guess it's his punchline because he pauses after as if waiting for the roar of laughter from his audience. We did laugh--the first few times...
*Thanks to my talented neighbor for taking these pictures !


Sheree said...

I loved these. Especially the horse poop one. Just wait til he figures out about peeing standing up. Or peeing in the great outdoors.

And he looks just like you! Okay, I'm sure Brandon is in there somewhere too. So cute!

Sher said...

You are smart to make a record of the fun things Cannon says. It was nice that you shared them with us. They made me smile.

T said...

what a boy... everything does tend to focus around bathroom issues for quite a few years. Until of course they're far too embarrassed to admit that they actually have a bathroom in the house.

Michelle said...

Amazing eyes! Funny boy!

cold cocoa said...

He reminds me of Brynn that last picture.

Funny Cannon-isms! I should document Sam's sayings, too, but yes, there is a ton of potty talk going on!