Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Three R's

1. RECITALS Adrie danced on the stage at Christmas Tree Lane with her troupe of swirling snowflake princesses.

Brynn played on the stage at Christmas Tree Lane with an ensemble of vivacious violins.


We all went to try out the new local skating rink--lots of falls and fun! Ouch!3. READING
Sometimes I too just want to skip all the festivites and plop down in the beanbag by the fire and read all day... But I guess that's what January's for.


cold cocoa said...

Wow- already done with the recitals? How fun to have a place to skate. I like your fire's glow.

Michelle said...

Good job getting your kids involved in extracurricular activities. They look beautiful and they are talented as well.

Sheree said...

What darling girls! I love how they all look like you. We love skating too, so fun!

Sher said...

Have I ever mentioned that I love your blog? I like the music, the pictures, and just everything. It just makes me feel like home. It looks like you're doing lots of good things like usual. Good job.

Megz said...

Yet another reason to visit Richfield---a new skating rink! How retro chic!

T said...

a skating rink? very cool... though I'm sure I'd spend more than my fair share of time on my rear pockets.