Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter Sunday was not at all relaxing but it earned an A for fun and busy. The girls woke up to dresses and candy. Some of them almost didn't wake up to anything...but more on that later. Brandon led the choir for our Sunday Easter program and taught the EQ lesson. I led the kids musical number and the congregation, and taught a roudy class of 6-7 year olds. Between the music and primary gear, I think I broke some kind of church record (and almost my clavicle) for heaviest bag. Next time I'm bringing a wheeled suitcase! Scratch that--next time I'm going to say NO to something. (I'll practice it this week.)

We had neighbors over for ham and potatoes after church and our old neighbor friend came over later in the day for re-heats. All added to the festivities of the day.

Cannon sporting his Easter accessories and some Attitude.

Of course, the annual family egg hunt was a blast. The pictures say it all.


Random shots taken by Kate

Candy, chocolate, and new clothes aside, we tried to incorporate the REAL meaning of Easter by reading and sometimes acting out the events of Jesus' last week.

Palm Sunday: Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem
Monday: Jesus cleansing the temple and overthrowing the tables of the money-changers.
Tuesday: Parables. We talked about the Widow's Mite
Wednesday: No record for this day. We talked about the Parable of the Ten Virgins
Thursday: Last Supper, Garden of Gethsemane
Friday: Crucifixion
Saturday: Jesus Teaches in the Spirit World

Doesn't it sound like the perfect agenda for family togetherness and love? Maybe, in your house, but in ours every time we'd break out the scriptures, that's when the fighting would start. Most of the kids had their turn for time out during one lesson or another. By the end of the week, Dad said the Easter bunny wouldn't be bringing baskets until we all learned the REAL reason for Easter.... Some of them had to make up some reading on their own time. It worked, or at least the Easter bunny erred on the side of generosity. We extended the movie, Narnia:Lion Witch and the Wardrobe over a couple of nights and watched it as a family. This may be our new Easter tradition because there is no better way to explain the Atonement and Resurrection so vividly... and best of all there was more snuggling than fighting!!
Happy Easter 2011!


Megz said...

Narnia should have been made by the church, no?
Cute maxi dresses! Syd got some shades as well--she and Cannon can have some 'tude together.

cold cocoa said...

Where did you get those dresses? i haven't seen any long ones for girls!

Cannon looks so hip. Sounds like a fun Easter. Good reenactments.

Sher said...

Wow. I sympathize with the heavy bag and what a schedule that day had! I'm so impressed you invited over neighbors. I thought about it and wimped out. It sounded hard. We had a good evening. It was fun to get to see you at the annual hunt!

Tonya said...

You definitely deserve some sort of prize for going all out on the church service... I exercised my right to say no and ended up with a very relaxed Day! Glad the kids buckled down to get their baskets, at our house we were just lucky that we got the goodies purchased in Time!

stephanie said...

cute dresses! cool shades! I like the Narnia idea.