Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ready, Set, Hunt

The 1st annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt was underway this weekend.

Eggs were found-- high and low.

Friendships were forged.

Outdoor games were in full swing.

With the lovely weather, it was a recipe for a perfect afternoon.


Sher said...

Wow. Who takes care of the planning for neighborhood events? It looks like the weather was great and everyone was having fun.

Megz said...

Dang. Your kids are going to have some training under the belt before the big C fam hunt. I'd better get some practice hunts in so we're not at a disadvantage.

TisforTonya said...

your neighborhood really does the togetherness thing right! (ummm... and I'm feeling guilty, because I have to go at least 4 houses away before I can find a neighbor whose name I know...)

stephanie said...

hooray for easter egg hunts! Such fun for all.

Sheree said...

I hope there was a $50 golden egg in there somewhere. Man, your mom had the best Easter Egg hunts!

That looks so fun! We need to start something like that in our neighborhood. I'm jealous of that basketball court!