Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living the Dream, Baby.

My neighbor was recently surprised to find out that I blogged.
"You have a blog?" he asked.
"Yes." I said.
" What do you write about?"
"My AWESOME LIFE!" (obviously)

Here's what's been happening recently in my awesome life.

My 3-year old who potty trained himself? Easy come. Easy go.
That boy completely UN-potty trained himself. As of the last week he has marked his territory at our neighbor's house down the street, our neighbor's across the street, and several areas of our own house, with a high-traffic area of the kitchen being his favorite.

I went to a free seminar on how to make money at home. I figured I spend enough time on the computer that I might as well make some money, right? Medical transcription sounded like the perfect job for me to do while Bud's over peeing at the neighbor's. And, I already know a lot of lingo. BD says we have other ways to fund our vacation fund.

Friday, we rented, Unstoppable. While we're watching the train run away, he turned to me and asked, "Could you please stop gripping my clavicle." (Looks like he'd be good at medical transcription too :)

BD spent a day home dividing his time between the bed and and the toilet. Adrie had her sick day, and mine is today. I don't have any oils for that ailment but I think Gatorade is awesome.

In better news, I had an awesome dream. I must have been in a Zumba class because there I was in front of a big mirror in a class of people in all shapes and sizes, and even ethnicities. (I guess I have multi--racial dreams.) Anyway, I was surprised to look in the mirror and notice that I had a CUTE TUSH! It was so hot I thought, I better watch out. This is in stark contrast to some of my other body-image dreams where I look in the mirror and discover that I'm horribly obese. "How did it get to this and how come nobody told meeee....," I wake up screaming. I'll take the cute tush dream any day--or night.

Actually, I did go to Zumba class. (My behind was almost as cute as in my dream.) That was a super fun, sweat drippin' down my neck--eww, party! I'll be signing up for more of that.

To complete our awesome week BD and I went to comedian/performer Jason Hewlitt. I laughed like a drunk. I'm sure all the prom dates sitting by us were like, "Sheesh, this lady needs to get out more often." But, man, when somebody does a perfect impression of SLOTH from Goonies, or of Stevie Wonder, or Michael Jackson or any 80's rock band, that just strikes my funnybone. Ahhh, it felt good to laugh. You can check watch his promo oh YouTube. here:

Okay, I'm going back to bed.


Diana said...

Your Zumba class sounds like mine. Were there a lot of black ladies whooping and hugging the whole time?

That cute tush dream is the best. I'm sure it's totally true, though I've never actually looked to find out...I guess next time I see you (I'll be discreet). :)

Michelle said...

I have good tush days where I think I am thin and then I walk passed a mirror or see a video/picture of myself and think how did THAT happen. I guess that is why I have so many scrapes and bruises: I have no concept of my true body. Oh well. I'll take that over feeling fat anytime.
Too bad about the un-potty training. Sounds horrific and is the reason I wait so long to train my kids.

Megz said...

So funny. Too bad about the sick stuff and Cannon doing his bizness everywhere. But all that aside, let's zumba together when you're next here! We'll shake our hot tushes til there's no reason they aren't realities!

T said...

oh Zumba... how do I hate thee??? Okay, I really DIDN'T hate the class, that was fun... it was just the next few... months... that sucked.

sorry about the sick and the regression... hopefully he will quickly realize that marking his territory here there and everywhere is not as fun as it sounds.

Sher said...

You wrote this is such an upbeat fashion that I totally missed the sick comment until I read T's comment. I hope you feel better quickly. I liked your dream. It made me chuckle. Get well fast.

stephanie said...

Funny dream!

I hope Cannon re-potty trains himself quickly.

Let me know about your earning money at home stuff.

cold cocoa said...

I have never dreamed about my booty. Eating too much dreams? Yes. How fun. I tried Zumba once but couldn't quite get the Latin flair down well. I think you have some Latina flowin' through your veins though!

I read online about the garlic drops! I called a lady in our ward who used to sell toterra or something? And she gave me some lavendar/marjoram drops and rubbed them behind his ears, and lent us her diffuser with some frankincense (or however you spell that)). She was really nice. Dylan is feeling better hey hey!
Oh- and cinnamon oil is supposed to be good at killing everything, right? And oregano?

Sheree said...

That is hilarious about Cannon. Kinda. I guess he just wants to keep his options open. LOL. It is the worst when they do that stuff at the neighbors house.

We love using essential oils too. Do you have DigestZen? That one is my favorite for soothing stomach issues. Sometimes I just take them in a gelcap because I don't like the smell when I'm feeling sick.

I've yet to try Zumba! It looks so awesome. I've never had the body image dreams of any kind. The bad dreams are always not wearing clothes. LOL. Or forgetting pants.