Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chasing Waterfalls

Just when I feel like I've finally figured out summer break, it's almost over!  Things to remember for next summer starting in JUNE

  • Insist on a mid day reading time/siesta. It does a lot of good to make the kids take a little break from their friendsies and CHILL OUT for awhile. 
  • While at it, let everyone know with a handy sign on the door that reads something like this "Quiet Time in session" (or for the non readers a frowny face) to keep the every ten minute doorbell interruptions at bay. There is something about the dinging and  knocking that makes everyone leap up from their otherwise restful activities and run to the door as if there's going to be a pot of free candy on the doorstep.  
  • Explore Nature. This is the cheapest, easiest, way to gobble up lazy summer days and turn them into learning adventures that will be sure to have them pooped out tired for bed.
Today we tried just that! Here we are...in Hawaii... or at least the spray from the waterfall made it feel that way. 

We invited some neighbors to join us. See what we found along the trail? Yes, a cozy rustic cabin. I think it has potential. 

We also found a geo-cache treasure box! The kids opened it to find a toy car  which the younger two vowed to "share." We'll see how that goes. In it's place we left a note, a pencil, and.... a packet of daily vitamins?? (it was all we had?!)

 We passed signs that said "Bear Country" and what to do in case of lightning. (lay on the ground.) But we weren't scared. All we saw were a couple of squirrels and even more exciting a snake!   Little Bud declared "Yay! We're in the mountains. I can pee." and that he did right then and there all easy like cuz he's a boy.

Actually getting down to the waterfall pool was pretty treacherous but we did it and it made us feel like superheroes.
 The water shouldn't be this COLD in Hawaii???
At this point the kids were too tired to care, but there was a very cool little old mining historic site with old tools and outhouses and stuff. We'll have to come back another day with a picnic for more adventuring....


Sheree said...

Wow what a cool hike! That looks like a lot of fun. My kids have been very motivated to read since we said they couldn't have screentime if they didn't. It is pretty heavenly to have a quiet house for a little bit of time each day. Summer is crazy!

Megan said...

These pictures are beautiful! You are such a good mom, Laura.