Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tippy Canoes

Canoeing on Pioneer Day? Why not?! We drove to this quaint and rustic mountain park for some family adventure. No one fell in, although, the kids couldn't resist swimming after.

The hot attraction this summer has been the nearby canal. I drop them off at a certain point up-river.  They float down this lazy flow which is occasionally  interrupted by bridges (duck and cover) and a couple of "white water" rapids. When they get to our neighborhood they pull out and walk home, dripping and satisfied, and finish with a hot shower.
 Another Pioneer Day adventure-- Brandon played in and won the local singles tennis tournament!


cold cocoa said...

Congrats to BD! That is exciting. The river canal tubing also looks super-fun, though that chocolate milk water could use some tinting.
I thought you were hitting the cabin for the 24th? Your day looked way fun.

Megan said...

These summertime posts of yours look perfectly idyllic, all-American, and fun. Love it.

stephanie said...

so fun! Good Job Brandon!