Sunday, July 15, 2012

Getting Spoiled this Summer

July has been HOT and eventful. Here's the rundown

 Brandon and Adrie took part in a local patriotic musical. In this scene they are "thumbing their noses" at the British tax. Glenn Beck would be so proud.
 Children's parade down main street.
 Some blessed cloud-cover and the anticipation of treats at the Fourth of July Parade
Heavy Medal
 Brynn was IN the parade with her gymnastics team--showing off and doing dangerous tricks to make everyone want to sign up their kids for that kind of fun. Brynn is wearing her medals she earned from the Summer Games in June. She got a silver in all-around and a gold on vault.
 Suburbia does have its' benefits of constant playmates but if I ever want to see my kids I have to carve out some time. This week we went to for pampering and prettying at the local beauty college.   I got a facial while the girls had their hair and nails done.  Fabulous.

In other events, we got our "new to us" minivan.   While we were waiting for it to get fixed the dealership loaned us a ....why the heck not....2012 Honda CrossTour MSRP $37,000.   Confession: I've never been a car person, but I became one after this experience.  It was so dang fun to drive--super smooth handling--it was like I and the car became one in those 2 weeks--and we looked awesome!  Every time I'd get in the car I'd discover some new fun thing like--XM radio! back up camera! sunroof! navigation system!   Darn it, I miss you guys!  I was suddenly volunteering to drive everyone everywhere. Need me to take your kid to swim lessons? No prob!  It was a sad day when I had to turn in the keys to get my real car. How could a  bare bones minivan not feel a little frumpy by comparison? Those dealerships are the devil aren't they?!  Ah well, it's like Hawaii-- I can't live there but I enjoyed my CAR-cation while it lasted:)!

Happy summering....


Megan said...

I love the glamor shots! Too cute. And in regard to sweet new cars with all the amenities: I just keep reminding myself that I should only be driving it if I'm okay with Jack pouring soda onto its floor mats (hence, we scoot around in a shabby van). Love your blog, friend!

Sher said...

I always like to read about what you all are up to. You make it all sound so fun, and the pictures are always great. This month looked like quite a bit of Americana (as Derek like's to call small town living). What a good thing. I like that you take your girls out for girly things.