Sunday, July 22, 2012

Make Freedom Ring--Family Reunion

What do you get when you have a theme, 3-days packed full of fun, and 70 of your favorite people?
You guessed it. This year's reunion was better than ever. Highlights included: Sports day, Crossing streams through a beautiful canyon, Swimming, outdoor movie, BBQ's, and singing patriotic songs to the strumming of guitars.

I love watching people shine and this year I saw a lot of people sharing the best of themselves. Aunt Megz not only showing her line dance skills but being able to teach the rest of us lead-foots. Uncle L teaching us about freedom , Aunt T exercising her stage presence and helping us to memorize a scripture, My own BD, leading the adults in a discussion about managing time and priorities. Aunt M entertaining the kids with her new balloon twisting skills. Uncle DB taking us through his world travels to make us realize how blessed we are to live in a free country. Uncles J and DH interjecting throughout it all with comic relief.
Cousins being inclusive.

Everyone was quick to pitch in and help with dishes, dinners, or crying babies. The reunion was centered around the theme "My Country Tis of Thee." We all left feeling a little prouder to be an American and even happier to be part of our great big family.

This is what a stubbed-toe gets you


Sher said...

It is always fun to get to be with all of the good people in our family. Time flew right by in a happy way. Thanks for the nice sum up.

stephanie said...

what a great time! your kids are going to have such wonderful memories. I want to go down that big slide!