Sunday, July 6, 2014

Family Time

About half of Brandon's family came into town to watch Brandon and Adrie in their patriotic production of Field of Stars. While they were at the show I stayed home to cook sloppy joes for 40 people. I overcalculated just a bit because with all I made I could have actually fed 80. I think this will be known as the summer we ate sloppy joes!
Anyway, it was awesome that so many made the trip to come and see us. We are always grateful when people do! This was the last time we'll be seeing one of the brothers and his family for a long while, as they relocate to Iowa. It was also a rare chance to see one of the sisters and her family from New Jersey. We enjoyed it all and used the opportunity to have fun and take some pictures!

 Father and Sons: Doran, Trent, Howard, Brandon, Jordan  (missing 3 brothers and 3 in-laws)
 Tanya, Erin, Diana, Laura, Angela, Michelle, Bonnie  (missing 1 sister and 3 in-laws)
 Adam, Cody, Cannon, Sam, Chase, Claire

Ava, Adrie, William, Kylie, Olivia
 Anika, Bailey, Kate
Brynn, Bennett, Isabelle

 In between the eating and picture taking there was pool time and ultimate frisbee

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Megan said...

Good thing sloppy Joes are THE BEST! Family time is so fun.