Sunday, July 6, 2014

Welcome July

Aunt Rayanne came to visit from Salt Lake! 
She was up for anything so we took her on a leisurely float down the canal.
 We floated under bridges, past horses grazing, through the cemetery and all the way to our neighborhood where we hopped out and dried off in the sun.  We had lunch at Sugar Bean Bakery, rented a movie, and because Rayanne loves golf, Brandon took her to our local course. We sure know how to have a great time!

For "Wild Wednesday", the kids and I made use of our season pass and went to Seven Peaks water park with our neighbors. No pictures but plenty of wet and wild fun on a very hot day.
Brynn and I performed with other musicians for our community's annual Patriotic Program. That was just the start of a busy week of Independence Day activities...

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