Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July--16 hours of fun

The holiday started off with a booming 6:00 a.m. cannon salute and an early morning run that involved half the family.

Adrie ran the 1-mile kids run in 8:18. She placed 2nd for girls and won a Sacajawea dollar coin.

Dad and Brynn ran the Liberty 5k 

 Dad crossed the finish line with a time of 21:48 which is pretty darn good!
Brynn made it in 25:10, a 9-minute improvement over last year!
The day was only beginning. We returned home to quickly get dressed, showered, and then headed to the parade
 The great thing about a small town fourth is that we can show up right at parade time and squeeze into a great spot.
 The anticipation!
 Marching bands, Royalty, Flag, and free candy are the hallmarks of a good parade. The kids filled up their bag with taffy and other treats. Brynn caught a mini football just as it whizzed overhead. Adrie was super excited that she caught a frisbee.
 After the parade we headed home to cool off and cook up some barbeque burgers then it was off to the festivities in the park.
 The Fish Grab. Possibly the only time of year we cook fish.
 Cannon and Adrie brought home a couple of pets. They're African dwarf frogs. Cannon named his Echo and Adrie's is Rico. They are still alive and happily swimming in their cubicle.
Antique car show.
We joined our friends and neighbors later in the day for a big potluck and BBQ, played games and visited. We watched the firework display from the park and then returned home for more fireworks from all the neighbors. The whizzing and popping went on until almost midnight and we watched it all! What a day.

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