Sunday, September 14, 2014

Adventures in Cali

We started by getting fast passes for Cars Land and world of color the show. With that taken care of we were able to enjoy the rest of the park. We walked on most rides. Tuesday in September turned out to be a pretty great time to come!

Cars Land looked amazing. 

Tower of Terror was the favorite with California Screamin' coming in a close second. 

We had all four kids at the carnival games trying to shoot their way for a prize. Brynn came away winner with Dumbo.

We packed lots of snacks--jerky, granola bars, and fruit snacks then ate a late lunch. Earl of Sandwich in downtown disney turned out to be our favorite spot for a reasonably priced lunch and delicious hot sandwiches. For dinner? Hagen daaz. That's the stuff vacations are made of.  For a snack we tried the bag of beignets or french donuts at the Jazz Market also in downtown disney. They were a hit! and we left a powdered sugar trail the rest of the day. 

The world of color show was definitely worth the wait. Visually spectacular! 

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