Sunday, September 21, 2014

From Denmark to Utah

It is one month since Sofie from Denmark joined our family.
She is an exchange student and will live with us for the whole school year.  Like all exchange students she is living the American dream of going to high school, perfecting her already good English, and immersing herself in our culture.
We are so glad to have her! She is a perfect fit for our family; super sweet, kind, helpful, easy-going and up for any adventure. She can play with the kids and engage in good adult conversation too. She looks like part of the family and even I have mistaken her for Kate or Brynn a time or two. 
Sofie baked us a traditional cake from Denmark. It was quite fancy with 3 layers, filled with real whipped cream and raspberries, topped with a sugary glaze, and dotted with berries. What a refreshing dessert. Not too sweet. Just right.  This is the kind of cake you would make for a special occasion like a birthday.  Sofie did celebrate her 16th birthday with us, the day after she arrived. 

The biggest changes for her about living here are school system and religion. School spirits with sports and dances are unique to America. Sofie's favorite class is "foods." Besides experiencing American culture, Sofie is also having a uniquely "mormon" experience. She comes to church with us, joins us for Bible stories, and has even took a turn saying her first family prayer. So cute. When I asked her how she was surviving 3 hours of church on Sunday she only said the 1st hour was very long and after that when you are in your classes with kids your age it is more fun. 
We live in a great community and we are so grateful to share our lives with such a great girl!

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