Sunday, September 21, 2014

Regular Life

It's back to the real world. No more vacation getaways for us for awhile.
The kids got haircuts because we didn't get to that before school started. 

Chores, practicing, lessons, homework and family dinners are back in full force. 

We attended our Church party.  The theme was "Wild, Wild, West." Sofie didn't know cowboys were real. Our ward gave her plenty of proof that cowboys are real and these were all bonafide. 

There were pony rides, gunny sack races, horseshoes, a bounce house, and the ever popular mechanical bull. Dad and I took a turn riding too but lucky for us it was too dark to show up on the video Kate recorded. I did outlast Dad for the record. 

The highlight of the evening and the talk of the neighborhood for days before was the "greased pig chase." That was taking wild west to a whole new level. An actual greased pig was released into the fenced in baseball field while the 12 and unders took their chance at catching it. What a sight, especially for that poor little porcine. It could be the worst sound ever to hear a caught pig screaming like a banshee.  Moving on....

Sofie played her first high school soccer game.
Kate has been playing with a traveling volleyball team. Volleyball is a new sport for her and she is loving it. Pictures for that soon. 

Cannon and I finished the school week with a field trip to Maple Grove.
Smokey the Bear taught us about fire safety, deciduous and evergreen trees. We ate lunch. The most fun was scavenging around for treasures: oak and maple leaves, acorns, pinecones, rocks, snakegrass, and a snail shell or two. 

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