Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fiery Fall

Fall is officially here. Nowhere is it better observed than at Fish Lake, with an elevation over 9,000.
This was one of those times when nature takes precedence over school. We just had to see Fall spectacular before the weekend storm blew it all away.
2 of the kids were out of school already for parent teacher conferences and the others I went ahead and excused. I also brought along the exchange students and neighbors. We made a 2 car-caravan up the canyon. The pictures can do the rest of the talking.  

Denmark and Belgium, as they are sometimes called at school. 

Glad we got the foliage tour in, because the weekend, just as predicted, brought 
loads of rain and an almost flooded basement. 
Some of us went to the Farmer's Market. We bought garden carrots, peas, melons, pears and were entertained by the cowboy music of 2 guitars while we enjoyed some homemade ice cream. 

Just another weekend in the country. We went to see the MazeRunner--good and intense and all of us girls attended the LDS Women's Broadcast which was just the wonderful, uplifting, feel-good experience we needed to get us ready for this upcoming conference weekend. 

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