Sunday, August 2, 2015

Camping and Fishing

We camp and fish. Yes we do!
With our neighbor buddies, we planned an overnighter. They are pros at this camping thing.

A fairly short drive took us into Fishlake National Forest and on to Twin Ponds camground.

It was so pretty AND the temperature was literally 15 degrees cooler here. We set up our tents and took a short walk to these beautiful ponds.
Our kids experienced their first time fishing!

The meadows were dotted with a variety of beautiful wildflowers. Across the pond, was a fine beaver lodge. We spotted a couple of muskrat and a snake slithered in the grass near our path.

We enjoyed a fantastic dutch oven dinner. Food tastes so good in the mountains! The kids built an eco-friendly bathroom, using a hollow stump. Only a privacy wall was lacking. I chose to take the short trek to the outhouse.
The most anticipated event, for Cannon, was the roasting of s'mores. Giant campfire marshmallows provided layer after layer of toasted melty goodness.

Amazing how the stars shine at night. It was a cold one ! But we survived it and had a great time.

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Diana said...

Those pictures are incredible!