Sunday, August 9, 2015

Where Fun Is

For one last hurrah for the summer we went to Lagoon.
To our great surprise we found cousins! It was Nature Sunshine employee day for the Jordan and Derek families, although we never saw the latter.

We all waited in a very long line for the newest attraction, Cannibal. 1 hr and 15 minutes later--WOW. What a thrill. We loved it. 
We enjoyed all the good old favorites too like Jet Star II, Colossus, and Wicked. Brynn and Adrie got the most soaked on Rattle Snake Rapids.

After dinner we went on a few more rides and then Dad's spidey sense kicked in. He saw the clouds rolling in and INSISTED that we had to go. We did--after squeezing in Music Express. Kate took this photo from the parking lot as we were leaving. The minute we piled in the van and slid the door shut, BOOM, a clap of thunder came, as if on cue. 5 minutes later on the freeway we were caught in the biggest downpour, I think this desert state has ever seen. Our cousins were at Lagoon when the storm hit--no fun to get soaked on a ride without a water feature.  We drove to our hotel downtown.  The road along Pioneer Park downtown had turned into a small lake. Traffic lights were not functioning. So glad we made it out of Lagoon when we did. 

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