Sunday, August 16, 2015

Yard Remodel

I love before and after photos and boy do we have them from our yard makeover!
Our house looked like it was sinking. The sidewalk was cracked and the cement patio was literally taking a dive south...not to mention the weeds!

We were in dire need of some help--professional help with machinery. It took 2 guys working full time for 2 weeks.

Let the fun begin...

Our porch was hanging there with no foundation. All this due to poor drainage from the raingutters.

Removing the sidewalk revealed a swamp underneath. All of the mud was removed and replaced with road fill.

Nothing brings boys together like a fresh pile of dirt.

Renovations extended to the back and side yards.

This little guy worked the Sunday shift.

We are loving the results!

The price of concrete was quite high, so we were able to save some money on the patio with pavers instead. I loved how they turned out.

I find myself opening the door often just to stare at my new yard. It's almost like the joy I get from a vacation--except it cost 10x more.

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