Thursday, May 22, 2008

Recital Meltdowns

Kate did a great job on her piano recital despite what she thinks. She missed one note at the end of her song and it was all she could do to hold in her tears until she sat down and buried her head in my lap. If she had been listening to all the other kids she would have realized that everyone made some mistakes. It's okay!

She said later that she never wanted to play the piano again. I tried to comfort her by telling her that I was proud of her and at least she didn't miss every note like I did once. I had to play the cello for the State Music Competition but this one particular time my nerves got the best of me and I blew it--bigtime. Maybe it was because I was so sick of my song by the time the competition rolled around I didn't practice much before. Maybe it was the huge crowd of musician peers that filed in to listen. But, I think what really put me over the edge was when I found out right before that one of those peers had made the hour drive to come to watch me because he had a crush on me. Aaaargh! Maybe it was worth the drive just for the freak show. I couldn't believe myself how awful I sounded with each note more out of tune than the next. It was shocking really and I never could get it together. When it was over I got up and instead of bowing I apologized to the judges.
But, back to Kate. The point I was trying to get across with my story was this. I still kept on playing my cello. I didn't quit because of one career-busting humiliating disaster..and look how happy and rewarding the cello is for me now...etc. etc...!

(and the guy still wanted to go out with me and neither of us ever mentioned the State Music Competition)

More exciting events of the week: Brynn's preschool graduation. She was very satisfied with all the fun and learning of the past year. She told me that when Smokey the Bear came to visit he told them that when you are on fire you are supposed to "Duck, Roll, and Sit."
Richfield Rhythm
Adrie was especially good at doing the part in the song that said, "turn around and fall on the ground."


cold cocoa said...

Wow- that is a moment to remember on the cello! I think I've blocked out my embarrassing yet good teaching moments. It's sad when kids are so hard on themselves!
I haven't seen those Flour Tortilla Chips. I'll have to try them!

Megz said...

Poor Kate! Those are hard things to get over. Like the final wrong last note in the Tabernacle at Temple Square...I relieve that still and it was a good 14 years ago.
Nice tuxedo shirts. Are you taking summer off of all the stuff?

Sher said...

I love the things that little kids say. I like to watch them when they are supposed to be saying or singing something and they're not too. Jake was great at Kindergarten graduation. He yawned so much I couldn't stop chuckling. I enjoyed the pictures as always -- what pretty girls! Tell Kate that Tia totally forgot what the last notes of her song were at her recital so she just made them up (and they sounded a little funny) and then she laughed and bowed and everyone loved it anyhow.

T said...

Okay, if it makes Kate feel any better you can tell her the story of my being asked to sing at a ward function (when I was 9 months pregnant) - I accepted, didn't practice a whole lot because we didn't have a piano in our house at the time, and showed up... I don't think that there was any redeemable part of that performance except that it too ended... I may have sung the entire thing an octave higher than it was written... really I've tried to put it out of my mind.

Duck, roll, and sit might work... but it doesn't have the same catchiness!

Jill said...

Tell Kate I wouldn't even know where to begin talking about recital embarrassments... Also, tell her that maybe she will use her story to comfort her own daughter one day!

Maybe it would be a good idea to review fire safety around your house! Actually mine too -- if we had a fire my kids would probably start running around looking for squirt guns...