Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Happens When Kids Get a Hold of the Camera

Any guesses???
Kate explained that obviously this was the freaky spider in the bathtub. Looks like it was too scary to get close so the maximum zoom was used. The girls spent at least 10 min. trying to bring this thing to it's demise. First by gingerly splashing water, then pouring it, then turning on the faucet full blast. Gutsy.
Yes, another spider to spice things up around here. Frightening yet fascinating. This one was allowed to live because it was OUTSIDE or in the garage which is close enough.


Megz said...

Has she been watching America's Next Top Model? Those are some pouty lips!
It sounds like she deals with spiders my way---drowning. Much less mess, even though I always seem to see them crawling back out of their watery graves.

cold cocoa said...

That belly picture reminds me of something. The 1st grade had a talent show and one girl did a belly roll! Now Anika is lifting up her shirt regularly to show us how she can move her belly. I don't think I'd let her do it in front of 6 classes and parents though!

T said...

what a perfect model pout! We'll have to guess that it's Kate's belly being that the same sweater makes a debut in two shots.

I'm just glad I have lots of sons around this summer as the bug situation has increased tenfold (okay, probably only 1.5fold, but that's not as easy to say, or figure)

Sher said...

I'm behind! I made a lame comment on Tonya's blog last and then ran outside to play. We try drowning spiders but ever since one crawled out of my cereal one morning I'm not convinced they drown. I never leave boxes of cereal open on the table anymore! Okay, sometimes they end up being open and I just watch carefully as I pour them. Fun pics.