Friday, May 30, 2008

Things I Could Learn From My Kids

WAKE UP HAPPY: A smile does a lot to improve puffy eyes and bedhead.

LISTEN: Adrie likes to talk about everything under the sun but if she senses that I am not giving her my full undivided attention she will yell..."mom...MOM......MOOOOOOM!!!!"
SHARE: Kate came home from a birthday party with some fun party favors. She immediately gave one special thing to each of her sisters from her goodie bag. It made me feel a little guilty about how stingy I am with my stash of chocolate truffles.

And a good reminder for those stressful Sunday mornings...
LOVE: Brynn and I were reading from her journal and came across this entry from a Sunday morning in 2006 . Brynn got dressed asked me to do her hair and got her shoes out all with such a merry-air. I asked her why she was so excited to go to church today. She answered , "Because I love Heavenly Father."


Megz said...

I feel guilty when Leon shares his special treats with the kids because I never do. That's why they are 'special' after all.
But it's nice when children are the good examples.

T said...

Yesterday I should have followed their example and used ample sunscreen... whoever said that father knows best was just trying to sell his TV show! (okay, father/mother... whatever)

cold cocoa said...

Kids are such good forgivers. And if they are just as happy with a smashed tootsie roll as they would be with a Kara Chocolate why not let them clean out the parade candy jar?

Sher said...

Okay, kids are good at some things but sometimes they frown and pout when you want them to say -- "Oh! how I love chores!" On the other hand, when I really need them they often come through and are super helpful. I have my bad moments too so I guess I will cut them some slack.