Thursday, August 7, 2008

Even If All, Not I; All if not Even I, Even If Not, All I...and other variations

C. Reunion 2008. Can anyone say this year's theme without looking at our t-shirts? There was definitely no reading at this reunion--I didn't even bother bringing a book. But, who needs to read when there are so many OUTSTANDING, FUNCTIONAL, DOWN-TO-EARTH, SUPER-NICE, hilariously funny people to be around: 22 adults, 36 kids, 5 babies--to be exact, and one more on the way!

We can't have a family get-together without "somebody" insisting on a photo of the 2008 babies.
(you'll thank me in the future) Thanks to the parents for piling them all together. Will we be able to tell who is who in 20 years? Samuel, Adam, Cannon, Claire, Cody (on top.) (Names have been changed to protect identities.)
What do you do with 36+ cousins? Have a paper airplane flying contest, play water kick-soccer, and pound each other with water balloons (include 10 uncles in that.)

Our leisurely hike up the canyon. We knew better than to book it up that dusty trail on Uncle Dev's tail. Where did everyone think they were going to--a scenic waterfall? End result: 3 bee-stings, lots of dusty legs (and faces for the 3-ft and unders), and (luckily) zero collisions with oncoming horses and mountain bikers.

Quick! Snap a photo while we're all dressed up. We don't look like we had already stood for 30 minutes trying to pose for the whole family group portrait. Can't wait to see that finished product!

Even though you might not have detected a smile on me at 8 a.m., my favorite activity was the frisbee golf. I also enjoyed the daily devotionals, quilting service project--who knew uncle Der was so artistic?, swimming pool, skits, firework show, and the get-to-know the family fun-sheets. Thanks everyone! And to quote Uncle Dor. "See you next year--same time, same place!"


Megz said...

What a good summary! I never could quite figure out how to do that so I'll just look at your blog for my memories.
That baby picture is a classic and thanks for changing the names (maybe Devin would have been fooled!)
Ask B why he's wearing his sunglasses in the family pic. I know, I know, he loves the natural dims.

cold cocoa said...

Yes, I wish I could just print this page for the scrapbook. Ha ha...I love that picture of Grandpa C.
I also need a picture of the 5 babies. Maybe you have one with Samuel a bit happier? Anyone? (sorry I'm always scrounging for pictures)

LC said...

Sorry---Sam is crying in all of them--ha, kidding. I'll send the baby photos and Gramps too.

Michelle said...

I'd love a copy of any reunion pictures--we forgot our camera--especially the one of the baby pyramid. What would life be like without the "funny uncles" (as E puts it)?

T said...

crud - I just remembered I never did make my quilt block... oops, maybe Mom won't notice? Even though I just announced it publicly?

Even I didn't get any reading done this year... we were all too much darn fun :)

Sher said...

I'm just reminded that I promised Erin some pictures and I have a few that I figure other would want to. Maybe I'll do that now until the next crisis where I'm needed outside the office. Laura, I didn't even know you played frisbee golf and here it was your favorite. That was a nice summary. I bet there are about as many hike tales as there were people.

Sher said...

I forgot to say that I really like that picture of the babies. Very fun.

Diana said...

i feel so happy that you think we're super-nice and functional. or was that an and/or thing?

and i feel so sad that "claire" won't be able to participate in the next babies of 2008 picture---but she'll be ready for the toddlers of 2009!