Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Hopeless Olympic Hopeful

What I really meant to say in my Olympic poll "which events will you be watching" was rhythmic gymnastics--not "ribbon dancing." (I was going off the image my mind conjured up) But, anyway it did sound fun to watch.

So, now that we've had time to immerse ourselves into the Olympics, even if it be Online highlights, it has made me want to join in on the excitement--not as a spectator, as an athlete.

I want to stand on the podium with my national anthem playing and feel the hot tears streaming down my face. I want to feel the ultimate glory of being an athlete. So where do I sign up? Since I'm not 16 going on 12 that eliminates gymnastics.

I'll just get right to it, I think my best chance would have been the trampoline event. If only my parents had hired a personal trainer and sent me off to trampoline boarding school in Belarus at age 3 I'm sure I could have developed into gold medal material. Instead I just made up lame routines on the tramp and put on shows for the family. Look at my form in the picture. I had natural ability! Now, if I tried that, all I would have is some bladder leakage.

I played water polo in High School ( pay attention, that's some good family reunion trivia.) Now there is a tough sport! Not only do you have to be an amazon woman but you have to do that eggbeater thing with your legs while swimming one handed and fight down other amazon women to throw in a goal --oh yeah--and try not to drown in the process. I told the coach I preferred to sit out on the bench. I almost didn't graduate from seminary because of all those early morning practices (more trivia) (I had to do a summer full of make-up worksheets.)

Back to my Olympic dream--how about Shooting? Table Tennis? Badminton? Judo looks fun and I could be feisty.
Let's face it people who win gold medals are not the ones who ask their coach if they can sit on the bench.

There is glory in being a spectator, which brings me to some more trivia: I WENT to the Olympics... SLC 2002 Men's Figure Skating Event at the Delta Center--box seat! That has to be one of my top life experiences. It was AWESOME! (Thanks mom for not being able to go and giving me your precious ticket. She really really loves me.)

I guess I could live my dream through my children. Who wants to go to Belarus? Or should we just use the neighbor's trampoline?


Megz said...

Leon and I had this conversation the other day about what we could do in the Olympics and I said fencing even though I never watched it or have even thought about it at all. It just came to me like inspiration that I would be gold-medal worthy in that sport.
Leon thinks he could been a great swimmer. And that was some good trivia you divulged. Water polo? Way too hard for my swimming genes.

T said...

I couldn't even bring myself to watch more than a few minutes of fencing.

I was really short as a child (oops, did I say WAS?) and so would have made a good gymnast - but for the lack of million dollar coaches, a tiny little thing called desire, and the fact that I spent 5 years on crutches when I was young...

I will just enjoy spectatorhood and route for my favorites - that's enough work for me :)

cold cocoa said...

Water Polo in high school? That's a fancy one.

I think I would have been a great ball boy for the tennis players. I'm good with quick spurts of energy.

Sher said...

I am 100 percent certain that I don't have enough eye of the tiger to be in the olympics -- though I thought Erin's idea was clever. I would be a good greeter -- maybe I could be an "Olympic greeter" at the next Olympics.