Friday, August 22, 2008


Everyone likes before and after pictures right? This is what our school closet looked like all during summer school, 0kay maybe all year long. "Where is the tape? Where is a pen? Where is that Monet print?" I'd had enough. It was time to get the new school year started off right. After some inspiration and a lot of perspiration, this is the AFTER. The girls have been so excited to see their stuff they have wanted to do arts and crafts all week. I have been leaving the closet doors open just so I can occasionally glance over and feel the satifstaction...Ahhh.

SOLUTION: $7 Wal-Mart over-the-door plastic shoe organizer. I remembered (like a vision) seeing one of these in one of cc's basement closets--yes, I look in people's closets when I come to visit. Thanks for the inspiration.
And now if you want to play I SPY you will find my other favorite recent purchase: an ELECTRIC PENCIL SHARPENER. Why didn't I invest in one of these years ago??! Except for the horrible grinding sound that frightens baby Cannon out of his wits, it has been wonderful!
...READY for school next week.

Alas, it doesn't take long before the proud are humbled. The other day around the dinner table Kate said, "Mom, in heaven are you going to have those red spots on your face?" Glancing over at the closet doors wasn't enough satisfaction in that moment. What red spots????!


T said...

a good electric pencil sharpener is actually on my newest Christmas list... I don't need much, just sharp pencils! (looks awesome by the way - I want to come and craft with you even!)

cold cocoa said...

I love it! It looks great. Before and after pictures are wonderful. Your new blog looks fun, too. Good idea.
As for the pencil sharpener- that is on my list too.
And Kate- what was she seeing? Kids and their super eyes...

Megz said...

Your before pictures actually looks like some of my after pictures, so I'm really impressed with the end result.
And I'm sure Kate was just referring to your healthy rosy cheeks!

Sheree said...

Oh, nice job! You are right, I love before and afters. And I do the same thing when I organize. I just have to look at it again and again and bask in the satisfaction.

Sher said...

Wow! Great job! The test will come when you look at it in two weeks and see if it still looks great. I like it though. I'm thinking how I can make it work for me!