Monday, August 25, 2008

Hip, Hip,... Ho-Hum

What can a 5 -yr. old expect on the first day of Kindergarten? A welcome hug from the teacher, a special desk with her name on it, a room full of crying, clinging children? How about none of the above.
Brynn was on cloud 9 this morning waiting for Dad to take her to her first day of school. You can see in the picture of her waiting and waiting. Is it time yet??? She was so way cute in her new outfit (which is actually her size), her Tinkerbell backpack with a folder full of pictures which she painted for her new teacher. She was SOOO excited to go and when it was finally time, Dad accompanied her to the big event. They didn't know where to sit or where to put Brynn's stuff, no one cried anyone even here they wondered? They did eventually find the teacher but
apparently Brynn didn't get the special treatment that her Dad thought she deserved. He even felt a little sorry leaving her there. Maybe he would have felt better if they were all sitting around in a circle holding hands and singing "Kumbaya?"

When school ended, I walked down to the bus-stop along with a gang of other neighborhood moms armed with cameras to pick up our sweet little kindy-gartners. "How was your day?, Did you like your teacher? Did you learn anything?" Brynn was pretty ho-hum about it the whole thing like it was just alright for her-- or was she just playing it cool?
"It was easy and we only had 2 recesses."

some moral support from the at-home learners

new school outfits, even for the at-home learners.

The afternoon was way more exciting. Brynn and her friend Brinley passed out tickets to all the kids in the neighborhood and invited them over to our house for a rock concert(during Cannon's precious naptime.) ...nothing like a little Hannah Montana to put an end to a quiet afternoon. For the after the concert party all the girls went out to the driveway in the pouring rain and ate popsicles and skipped and pranced and yippeed like they were having the time of their lives. The windy rain even sent our garbage can reeling down the road like a grand finale to the show. Hooray for the first day!


cold cocoa said...

They all are cute! Fun for her to be the only one going away to school.
As for the rock concert- aren't you a great mom?! I've got to protect those naps like a thief protects his loot.

T said...

I need to cultivate the patient mom in me... I'm just afraid that particular part of me is a little buried under piles of "must do" stresses that it's going to take a lot of work - way to go on encouraging fun expression at your own expense!

Megz said...

I wondered if Brynn was going to experience kindygarden (leon's mom really calls it that) at the local PS. Hopefully her teacher is more loving when BD isn't there to witness.

T said...

Did the rest of the week live up to expectations?

Sher said...

I didn't know you were sending her. I hope she has a happy Kindergarten year. Good job having a fun afternoon ready!