Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Reunion Without the Family

Well, since the price of gas forced a few to cancel their plans, and since we can all get together later for Christmas, and since BD had the time off anyway and we had a place to stay...and is since even a word?...we decided to go ahead as planned to enjoy 3 days in the refreshing mountain resort of Park City. Joining us were the only locals in the family, Mom, Dad, and Rayanne.

Here's how it started:Wed. we arrived at our lovely "rented" lodge, unpacked and settled, and went out to enjoy the spectacular golf course view on the deck. Rayanne arrived with a bag of new books which she was so excited to show us. Mom grabbed, History of the Mafia and absconded herself on one corner of the patio, Rayanne took, Diet Guide for Multiple Sclerosis and planted herself on the OTHER side of the patio and I, in the middle, got out my book that I had already brought, House Calls and Hitching Posts: Stories from Dr. L's career among the Amish. Dad read Consumer Reports, Brandon, Ensignchurch magazine) The girls were happy to sequester themselves downstairs with a steady dose of the Disney Channel. As everyone burrowed into their books I said, "Seeyou all on Saturday" and that's basically what happened.

Okay, not exactly. You can't actually get much reading in if you are the parents of 4 little ones.

Here are some of the other fun things we did:

Olympic Park: watching the free-style skiers practice their moves and landing in a giant bubbling pool was AWESOME!

The .02 mile hike (enough to breath in some fresh mountain air)

Walking on Park City Main Street

City Park at Park City

Men's Golf--Greg and Brandon

Ladies Lunch--didn't parking, restaurants closed for the Arts festival, Mom guffawing at the menu prices, etc. We should have just stayed home and read our books.

Park City Arts Festival (me and mom only)

There you have it! We left Sat. to attend a baptism on the C. side of the family.

Now we are glad to be back in our friendly hometown again where people think our kids are cute!


cold cocoa said...

We all took pictures in that snowboard cutout too. Very fun!

Those are some interesting sounding books. I'm kind of interested in History of the Mafia too.

Megz said...

I can't imagine a family outing where people are actually reading. Sounds lovely to me.
Bummer about the girls lunch. Sometimes you just don't want to settle for McDonalds.

T said...

Everyone reading all day... I think that's what Heaven is... oh, that and all the work - but I do hope I'll get to catch up on some of the books I know I'll have regrets about not reading!
It looks like Park City is more fun than ever... time for a family trip up there... maybe just for a day though... with a packed lunch :)

Michelle said...

My sisters and Mom all go to Park City for the weekend once a year because my sister's husband gets to go hunting several times a year so she gets a break from it all too. We always go to Doulan's (I think) Sports Bar for lunch and enjoy the fun atmosphere (at lunch there are few customers and even fewer women). The prices aren't that bad, either (again lunch menu). We are so glad you had a fun time and nobody felt too imposed upon to do things they don't think are fun.

Sher said...

You really take some good pictures Laura. I think you have talent. I think it would be rather humorous to try a reading time at the Christensen reunion. I'm sure we could get everyone to do it for at least a minute if we try really hard. We could do it longer if we hypmotized (how do you spell that?) all of the babies.