Saturday, April 26, 2014

It was hard to decide which blurry photo to use to commemorate our Great Beginnings/Community Symphony Spring Concert...
A local group of string teachers including myself, got our string students together to perform a few numbers. Intermingled were a few solos. To top off a very cultural evening for these parts,  the community Symphony performed 3 pieces.  I am on the far left with my cello students. Brynn and Adrie are in the middle there. Brandon and I played in the Symphony (not pictured) It's hard to get pictures when everyone in the family is on the stage.

Our camera must have been on "Impressionism" mode, except it doesn't get any clearer the further back you stand.

The night went well and best of all it's over. I may have been threatened by the bandsters, just before the concert,  not to promote orchestra in the schools. I had no such speech prepared, unfortunately.  Both performing groups are newly formed in the last two years and even if we haven't been able to offer this in the schools, it's been great to contribute to the performing arts in our area.   There is a video somewhere on YouTube of our symphony performing "Pirates of the Caribbean." I'm sure it's going viral...

It was 80's week for the 3rd graders and 60's week for the 5th graders. America's got the corner on the market when it comes to fun in school.

In other big news this week, we made our first contact with our exchange student Sofie, who is coming in the Fall.  Ah the benefits of email and social media! She is super sweet and fun to talk to. We are even more excited now for her to come.

This was our backyard today. Luckily we don't have any HOA rules against multiple jumpers...or unfinished fences, or weeds, or dead grass...

Finally, I got around to making my Liege Belgian Waffle recipe (inspired by our recent SLC trip) This was definitely the best breakfast we've ever had for dinner.

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