Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quintin's Baptism

What a special event for the family. We headed to Salt Lake City very early to be with family for Quintin's baptism. What do you know? He was baptized at the same church that I was baptized in 28 years ago AND the same church my sister, his grandma was baptized in. Beautiful Mt. Olympus loomed in the background with lovely city vistas in the other direction.

 Some of the Nielson relatives joined us for this day. Seeing my dad was like seeing my dad again! It's occasions like these that bring families together.

 Treats after included homemade root beer
 Fantastic bubble machine...

 Carrying on a family tradition..the goodbye dance. We headed south towards home and did some shopping and car repairs on the way.
Little Ethan was not so happy that we were leaving. He cried and wanted to come with us.

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