Sunday, April 13, 2014

On Air

This week we experienced all seasons. Friday was summer, Saturday was spring, and today it's winter. Such is Spring in Utah.

 Kate's traveling basketball team finished up their season with 2nd place. Kate plays on the wing and has good speed and aggression.  She plays with a great group of girls. Despite all the fun, she is glad it's over.
I took the students for a live interview on local radio station, KSVC.  The students were asked questions ranging from how do you get along with your host family to what were some of the biggest changes, coming here to our area.  Miriam from Spain said the biggest differences for her were the food and religion. When asked what kinds of fun things she has been able to do here, Abril from Spain responded that she had been to Bryce Canyon, the State Capitol, California, and lots of other really cool places.  Julian from Germany said it was an adjustment coming from his city of 8 million to Gunnison where the population is only 3,000 and that is including all the prisoners!  He said he really likes his school and the people have been really really nice. Maren from Norway spoke about how her host family was like her second family. They were so wonderful she couldn't describe in words how much they have helped her. She said her country was not religious and that coming here where religion is so important was a big change for her. She said she liked the religion and that people her were super nice and kind. "Even boys would open the door for me here and treat me with respect.  Boys in Norway are not like that."  Renato from Brazil was very well spoken as was Anna from Finland. They talked about how they are having a wonderful experience here in school and with their families here in America.  I spoke a bit about the exchange program in general and about how generous and open-hearted the families have been in our area to host these awesome students.
Being on the radio was a first for all the students! They were so excited to be "on air."  After we went out for breakfast and then I took them back to school.

Brandon was on-call this week and he was swamped with appointments. Adrie has been begging to join a cheer squad which, like gymnastics, involves lots of money and traveling for competitions. We haven't reached a decision yet. Brynn had her maturation program for 5th grade and I took her out for lunch after. Cannon earned enough money from cleaning the basement and doing book reports to buy his 2nd lego chima set. The day it arrived in the mail, he was a volcano of excitement.

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