Sunday, April 6, 2014

St. Conference Day

When we asked our 6 year old what special day it was going to be today he announced,
"SAINT CONFERENCE DAY!"  I love it. It just might stick.

We gathered all the essentials in preparation for our spiritual feast: fruit tray, veggie tray, keeping with Nana's tradition we all went to the store and picked out our favorite treat!

Cadbury Eggs *  Peachy Penguins * Peanut M&M's * Andes Mints * Gummy Worms
Speckled Jelly Beans

We also shared the day with family. Annie and Drake concluded their Spring Break weekend with Conference at our house.

Let the spiritual  feasting begin... 8 HOURS, 2 DAYS of it.
In between and sometimes during we played kickball, foosball, and ping-pong, painted nails, played with play-dough,  made loom bracelets, and took notes...

There are no endings, only everlasting beginnings  A Thankful heart is the parent of all Christlike virtues  I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  Extend an invitation and then FOLLOW UP  There is nothing we have been through that Christ hasn't already experienced  LOVE thy neighbor as thyself  April 6 is the actual day of Christ's birth and the date His church was officially organized in the latter days (1830)   It would be amazing if everyone knew the conversion stories of their forefathers  Hark all ye Nations...Truth is on earth once more   Blame keeps wounds open, ONLY FORGIVENESS HEALS  Marriage and family are eternal   142 Temples   15 million + members   83,000 missionaries   Why do we resist endings?? We are eternal beings   Instead of being thankful for the things we have, be thankful in our circumstances whatever they may be   Gratitude will bring us true joy and great happiness   Teach children about their ancestors, family stories   Changes in civil laws do not change God's moral laws   
God is our Father. Jesus is our Savior.   God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are 3 separate beings. The heavens are not closed: God speaks to a prophet, he will speak to us if we ask   Through the atonement of Christ all mankind may be saved by obedience to the laws and ordinances of God   Do not  spend money on things that have no worth or labor for things that cannot satisfy   God will guide us through any difficulties we may have  Love is the very essence of the gospel. Jesus Christ is the exemplar.   Truth will always be opposed

I know these things to be true! 

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