Sunday, April 20, 2014

Roller Coaster Week

The ups and downs of the week:
1. Kids celebrated warmer weather with dodge ball on the trampoline. When Brynn kicked the ball out of the weeds, a good-size splinter of twig went in her foot. It was visible alright but too deep for me, or our helpful neighbor to remove. The next day it was red and swollen so off to the doctor we went, where they numbed and removed the foreign bodies in several pieces with surgical tweezers. The nurse did quite the wrap-up job as you can see. 

 2. I got a new camera (to replace the lost/stolen one from my CA trip)  Taking pictures has never been so much fun! It has all kinds of cool features like this one... and for such a great price?! How have I ever lived without you Olympus Stylus.
 3. I was on the radio again. We're on a first name basis over there now. This time I was talking with 2 other ladies about the upcoming community Symphony concert!  I thought we did a great job covering our objectives which were 1. advertise the concert. 2. recruit people to join the symphony for our next season. The interviewer also followed up with us about our efforts to get an orchestra program in the schools. We answered that we were still trying.... This, albeit mild statement, stirred up some discontent from a couple of the "band or bust " campaign and I got to hear all about later that day at rehearsal.  This is all so confusing to me. Where else would one be terrified and threatened by something as sweet and lovely as violins?

 4. More fun features about my camera.  This is the sister Kate has always wanted.  Speaking of sisters... We are getting a new one in this family! The easy way! This school year we will be hosting Sofie, age 16, from Denmark. Everyone is very excited. She seems like lots of fun and we are going to welcome her right in! 

5. And finally, Cannon's nose has decided to have random bleeding episodes quite frequently this week. He is getting very good at knowing just where to pinch his nose to stop the bleed. 

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