Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Fever

Thunder storms threatened our peaceful neighborhood this week.
Kate took this picture. 
I think it looks like the cover to a scary movie. 

This cutie had her Spring dance recital. She wowed us with her precision on stage. She moved so gracefully on stage even while biting her lip in concentration.

Her second number was a pirate dance. Girls dressed the part and clashed swords. It was a real show-stopper.  After the performance all the girls were given trophies by their adoring teacher.

We had somehow collected quite a passel of girls to take home. So! Rather than celebrating with the traditional going out for ice cream or froyo, we went to the supermarket for a couple half-gallons.
That was some quick thinking by the home economist;)

Earlier in the afternoon, the girls sang with our church primary group at the care center. Then it was off to the middle school for "Castle Days." Here we were greeted by middle schoolers dressed as court jesters, monks, peasants, and royalty. We paraded through the displays of castles made of "trash."  Some of them were quite impressive. Pre-teens these days! This one is Brynn's. It involved no parental help and that should count for something.

We managed to stay dry for Sofie's home track meet. She ran the 2 mile and the 800 meter after recovering this week from a pulled hamstring. I can't say that I've ever watched a track meet before. It was pretty cool. Little did the kids and even husband know that I had a stint on the track team in 9th grade. I ran a relay (was it the 400 or 800 meter?)  I remember sprinting when it was my turn and looking behind me to see that our team was winning. I guess you are not supposed to look behind you while running. What did I know?  I also did shot-put and high jump but I don't remember any spectacular outcomes with those. 
These girls made running look fun again.

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