Friday, April 3, 2015

Pi Day in Bryce Canyon

Volleyball tournament + Bryce Canyon+ Pi Day= jam-packed adventure

I love this National Park. This was the first time I had seen it blanketed in snow. 
We attempted the Navajo Loop/Queen's Garden trail but shoot! It was so darn muddy...and not to be a diva or anything but I was wearing new shoes!!  The kids were slipping and sliding. It just didn't seem right--not to mention safe--so we didn't attempt that trail any further. Instead we walked along the rim trail enjoying the Sunset and Sunrise points, or both ends of this vista. 

Adrie eating snow.

We drove to Bryce Point overlook.

It was exciting to show Sofie our favorite park. She felt right at home with all the other European tourists.  We arrived just before a busload of French people. WOW is the only French we heard.

Between volleyball games, we walked around this cute little cowboy town. 

These girls played very well in their tournament.  How fortunate that for Pi day we found a restaurant boasting homemade pies.  We enjoyed a Foster Berry pie. Seriously the best pie I've ever had.

The drive home took us right past Butch Cassidy's home.

No bank loot here, just a cat, starved for attention. We name him Butch Cassidy of course and that's where he stayed.

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