Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Road to Spectacular

This week we found ourselves on another adventure.
I had to go meet one of my students from Germany for work who lived 2 hours away in a remote part of the state. I decided to take two of the kids along (the two that didn't go to Legoland last week) Lucky them they got this trip instead. We decided to go exploring in the area. We ended up on a road to what seemed like the middle of nowhere!!!

Off in the distance a white tailed deer stared at us wondering what we were doing in this remote area.
We wondered too.  We were officially in the San Rafael Swell. Finally after quite a drive we found this sign to our destination

The Wedge is also known as "Utah's Grand Canyon."

The long drive was worth it for this destination. How did I not know Utah had a Grand Canyon??. It's just as spectacular!! with no fee and only a handful of campers and bicyclists. Bicycle, by the way would be a super awesome way to get here. Campers get to enjoy the vistas at sunset and sunrise. I am not a camper though, just a day tripper.

Feats of crazy

 We hiked down over the edge of the overlook. If you look closely, you can see Brynn way down there. She was leading the way, flip-flops in hand.

The only problem with going down was that we had to get back up. I looked up at the steepness of the climb up and looked down, way down at the canyon below and for the first time in my life, I was scared of heights. We got up safely. I refused to look down and just concentrated on climbing up. Made it. Winded. 

I am really glad we saw this place. I would definitely recommend it. The scaling down the edge of the overlook? not so much. 
We drove the lonely road back to the freeway. Stopped for ice cream and gas. I had a great adventure with the older kids. They totally had it better than Legoland!

In addition there is also the Cleveland-Lloyd dinosaur quarry as well Indian petroglyphs. We'll have to make another trip to see those.

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