Sunday, April 26, 2015

Local Celebrities

 Whatdya know?! The local radio station wanted to interview our international exchange students. I also got to say a little in general about the exchange student program. This year, I remembered to put in a plug for host families. 

Featured from left to right was Belgium, Brazil, and 3 different regions of Denmark.
They were asked things like. How is the school system different in your country (harder) What was the biggest difference for you about Utah (religion and mountains)  Why did you choose to be an exchange student (meet new people and experience new things) and How do you feel about going home? (Excited to see family and friends again but sad to leave.)  

After the hard work of being famous, we went out for breakfast.  
That wasn't enough. There was still school to be missed so we ran a couple of my errands. Then I decided we had better check out our nearest State Park because none of the students had ever been. 
They saw Indian petroglyphs, lizards, and climbed down the ladder to experience what life is like in a pit-house (dirty. )  We took a short hike to see Hundred Hands Cave (more like a dozen hands but who's counting?) They were impressed. Indians are awesome.

Finally it was time for me to get home.   These girls only have a few weeks left before they leave to go home for good. As the picture shows. They are excited to see their friends and family again but sad to leave us!!!

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